Welcome in my little but profound universe of music, poetry, sound-therapy and spirituality!

My name is Othokani alias James Rogers 
and I hope we will have a great time here together! 


Remember who your are!
Remember why you came!
Remember who you are!
Reignite your deepest inner flames!


Call me back
to your coast.
Call me back
to your coast.
Smooth the waves
of my fate.

But who am I really? I don't wanna talk about age, cultural background and these type of things.
Because for myself I know we all are more than our socialisation and story, even though it can and does shape or influence your personality. Regarding that I will share with you important fragments of my intimate and crazy story which indeed shaped the person who I am today.

Everything begins in my childhood when I decided to sing in a christian choir. 
Back then it was not my intention to become a passionate singer or to express myself through music per se, it was rather a commitment to my belief in god. 
And I can tell you: I was really devoted and let's say dedicated to the catholic view of god. 
During all that time I got more and more attached to the thought of becoming priest. I didn't even recognise how strong my love for music was. Of course I was aware of the fact that I enjoyed singing, but I was more committed to the ideal of being loyal servant of the church. So I set the music aside. 
I went to a theological collage, visited many catholic events, went to the confession every week. 
I dedicated my whole life to god.
No women, no alcohol, no literature. Nothing.
Nothing that could distract my from the "only true path". 
And all this while I was going to school. 
Yes. Indeed. That was my way of thinking. I was 14 years old.

That was the time when I also started to be interested in meditation, yoga, Kundalini, shamanism and spirituality in general. 
Since then I am a traveller or a wanderer (Ohtokani), performing  on streets all over the world.
I've been travelling whole Europe and the journey never ends.
Learning never ends. 
Growing never ends. 

My story is also your story.
We are all one. 
My music, my words shall be a remembrance for all of you who follow my path.

Thank you! 

alias James Rogers



But then. After several years, just after graduating in Highschool, I suddenly ended up being homeless with no particular reason. At least not obvious from the outside.
I just didn't have a purpose. 
And then...out of nowhere I was invited to join a Ayahuasca-ceremony which completely changed my life.
I found out what I really want in Life. 
MUSIC! I just wanna make MUSIC and share my vibrations with the world.