Welcome in my little but profound universe of music, poetry, sound-therapy and spirituality!

My name is Othokani alias James Rogers 
and I hope we will have a great time here together! 


Remember who your are!
Remember why you came!
Remember who you are!
Reignite your deepest inner flames!


Call me back
to your coast.
Call me back
to your coast.
Smooth the waves
of my fate.

I wanna take you on a
musical journey
through magical worlds
and countries
that are woven
from longing
and a spiritual depth.

Filigree, virtuoso guitar playing
paired with a soulful voice
is the foundation of my music
and fills the heart directly.

In an experimental and stubborn way,
I combine
different genres
into a harmonious symbiosis
and thus become
(not only)
a wanderer
between the worlds.

My dear brothers and sisters,
welcome to my beautiful universe of music, poetry and archaic ways of living.
I am a traveling artist with the vision not only to spread and share my music with the world but also to emanate love and manifest a new earth where all beings on this planet may live peaceful and in harmony. 
Also I am a proud son of my indigenous ancestors from North-America.
The Blackfoots also known as the
NI-TSI-TA-PI-KSI (the real people).
My greatest dream is to share their deepest wisdom and knowledge with the world by playing music.
In hope, that someday humanity might be walking the path
they used to walk in the ancient days, 
when earth was still respected and perceived as our
great mother.