In February 2023 my new album
will be released in the form of a CD,

The album deals with life itself,
which has revealed itself to me in a very intimate way in many forms and countless faces.

Call me back
is an expression of the human longing for meaning
and at the same time the search for an inner home.

With a total of eight new songs,
the album offers a sound journey through magical worlds and countries
and invites you to dream and feel yourself.

The songs are all arranged by me.
The whole album is a profound expression of my soul and heart.

The wisdom immanent to me
and the love that lives in my being
now shine in each of these pieces
and would like to invite you
to dream and to rediscover yourself
again and again.







Here is a little Teaser of the CALL ME BACK!





My favourite song on this Album is "Power to love". 
Even though powerful, it conveys the strength and immediacy of love in a very gentle way.
Especially nowadays I am convinced humanity has to find its way back to the ability of love.
And one can only find it in oneself.
The only way is the path to the own inner world.

May this gift open your heart and remind you of your own hidden gifts of soul!

Meet the unknown

This song just was born during the recording session. It was never my intention to record it. But here it is. Starting with a beautiful poem I wrote when I was in Krakow. Enjoy this beautiful journey!

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I believe

I wrote this song when I experienced intensive suffering of doubting myself and my way. And it helped me expressing my pain through music. Be thankful what is given to you. Everyday and you may receive. It's upon you to create a beautiful planet of freedom and peace. And how can we do it? We start by ourselves, living in peace and harmony.Click on the picture to get to the official MUSIC-VIDEO of "I believe".

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Never loose

Looking around and recognizing that people are getting more and more closed and sad...I had the urgent longing to write this song.We were born to give and receive love, to feel joy and happiness, to be humble and gentle. Don't loose it. This is what makes you human. Despite all pain, all suffering, all obstacles...there is so much much light. Feel it, observe it, spread it!

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