In all ancient and 
indigenous cultures sound or music played an important role in their daily lives. Drums, flutes, rattles and other instruments took place in shamanic-spiritual rituals and feasts and where the center of their cultural expression.
But music was not just a pastime.
It especially was a
fundamental way of healing and connection to the spirits.

"The western civilisation can learn a lot of their wisdom and the tools they used to heal humans on all levels"

As I am very fascinated by indigenous music and spiritual rituals I decided to integrate this practice into my life and offer it to all humans who are brave enough to walk the path of soul! 


  • Chakra-Balancing
  • Reconnection to your Higher Self
  • Opening of your Heart-Chakra  ❤
  • Sensitization of body-awareness
  • Harmonization of your Aura-field
  • Relaxation and stress management

❤  The Heart-Chakra is the root of my work, as it is the connection 
      between the physical and spiritual world. 
      More important it gives the ability to love and trust which 
      are the most powerful tools if you wanna heal yourself.
      LOVE and TRUST are beyond matter and time!




  • Acoustic guitar  ❤
  • Native Drums and rattles
  • Flutes (Native American/arabic/Duduk)
  • Singing Bowls
  • Jaw Harp
  • Singing (in various ways)  ❤

❤ Regarding the needs of my clients seeking support on their way,
     I combine some instruments. 

"I work intuitively, following the call of the individual soul.
  That means, every session has a very unique shape."



- Private Sessions (45min): 50,- € for one person
- Group Sessions (45min): 20,- € for one person

(You have a low salary? Tell me and we can talk about a discount)

The registration-form is below.






The sweat-lodge, also known as the Temazcal, is on old ritual of the Native Americans and other ancient cultures that took place in ceremonies. And was an essential part of their daily life. 

Usually the sweat-lodge is a construction made of elder wood.
And after it will be covered with furs or blankets. 
In the center of the sweat-lodge is a hole in the ground in which the hot, fiery stones are being inserted. 

Now. You sweat. 
But this sweating is guided by singing songs, praying and meditation.

I follow a special structure in order to help you to reconnect with your inner source and the earth, our sacred mother.


  1. GRATITUDE: saying "thank you" for your experiences and 
                           everything you learned etc. 
  2. ASKING: ask for yourself and your brothers and sisters
                    (energy, ideas, strength...).
  3. GIVING: what do you want to give? (love, energy, knowledge)
                   what do you want to let go?? (negative thoughts...).
  4. VISION: in stillness we receive inspiration, realisations and 
                   new paths to walk on.

I will guide you throughout the whole ceremony, so we will be singing and praying together, which is a wonderful experience.
It is good to withstand all four rounds, but if you do not feel comfortable, you are of course allowed to leave the circle and take care of yourself. 


The sweat-lodge is every Saturday and every 
Just register and I will send you the address it takes place at. 


After the ceremony we will have a dinner together and celebrate the abundance of life 
Price for one person: between 50,-€ and 70,-€

The price depends on how many people will be part of the ceremony!! 

(Bring one of your friends, and you just pay 40,-€)

Looking forward to connect with you!